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Where do I go from here?

The life of the Human Tenth Doctor

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Name:One Heart, One Life
Location:Missouri, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Where the Human Doctor finds a life.
About This Community

This is a place where those who enjoy the Human Tenth Doctor or want to find out what others think will happen to him after he got left behind in Pete’s World.

Or, you can be like the rest of us and write what you think would happen to him.

This is a community that is aimed to show some love to the Human Doctor. *Everything posted to this community must be somehow related to him!*

Discussion of “Journey’s End”, fanfiction, fan-art, or whatever you want to do are welcomed.

Have Fun!

Contact the Mod


*Rules and Guideline*
****Ignorance of these will be met with interesting consequences****

1. No flaming. Anyone caught or reported flaming will have their flames used to roast marshmallows. I would send you a nice little message. We are here to have fun.
2. A member can post fics, icons, wallpapers, fan-vids, or whatever they feel like. Just make sure you use the lj-cut!
3. When it comes to the matter of ship wars, fighting, or character bashing, it is not allowed. Please read the following:

a. Now I know that a lot of women fight over the same guy in real life, I don’t mind if you do it in your fic; just please don’t make it into an all-out war. They are adults, write them as adults behaving properly.
b. Lively discussion is welcome, but if I see that it is going to turn into an all-out fight, I will ban both sides for a couple of weeks. Then I will allow you back in. But if you do it again, you are banned and gone – no second chances.
c. Character bashing – there is no set definition of what is consider character bashing and what is not. Just please be nice and, if you don’t agree with someone’s view of the character(s), please keep it to yourself. I will handle it if I think that they are out of line. And for those who write something, please be considerate of your prospective readers. Some of them may like certain characters. Just keep it decent.

4. LJ-cuts are required. Especially if you write something sexually explicit, large icons, long fics (actually, any fic), and spoilers.
5. If you want to promote a Doctor Who-related comm, feel free to post. Please don’t promote another community that is not Doctor Who-related without checking with me first. I’ll put a “Ask the Mod” post up for those questions.
6. In relation to tags, I'm opening up the tags for everyone. I will have a list of tags up, but if you want to add your own, feel free.
7. Please no Real Person fics – just stay on topic.
8. And lastly, this is a Pete’s World community. Please keep everything in topic!

*I will add a general Rules/FAQs post later on once everything gets going.

If you would like to affiliate, put in the request here.

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